Attraction Accessibility Pass

You are being provided an Attraction Accessibility Pass (AAP) indicating that you have a mobility-related disability or other qualifying impairment that prevents you from standing in a standard queue.  Please be advised that, beginning May 21, 2016, you will need to provide us a signed doctor’s note and a photo ID, (for children 12 and under, photo ID of the parent or guardian will be accepted) to receive an AAP. 

Doctor’s Note Requirements

The doctor’s note must contain the name of the individual requesting the AAP, doctor’s name, address, phone number, his/her signature, on their letter head that includes their medical ID number, and a statement that you have a mobility-related disability or other disability, which prohibits you from waiting in a standard queue line. The note should not identify the nature of the disability.  If the disability is of a temporary nature, the doctor’s note should state the duration of the temporary disability.


Individuals found to be fraudulently requesting or using the Attraction Accessibility Pass will be in violation of our Guest Code of Conduct and may be subject to civil penalties.  Violators will also be asked to leave the Park without any refund.

Visit our website www.laronde.com to review our complete Accessibility Guide and obtain information about our policies.

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